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Irfip Istituto Religioso di Formazione ed Istruzione Professionale

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The four axes of the I interest. R.F.I.P. are:

- Higher education
- Compulsory training
- The area of disadvantage
- Training for employed and unemployed

The mission is to support the Entity, in the social and civic instances of young people, families, disadvantaged and women, so as to contribute to their social upliftment, through the implementation of various initiatives in the field of education, educational, instructive and in the recreation.

In particular, the Agency seeks to achieve its social purpose, trying to offer, through professional training, one source of employment to the youth of Sub-Apennine Dauno, offering them greater employment opportunities and at the same time trying to alleviate the phenomenon of depopulation.

The area of ​​the sub-Apennines Dauno, bordering Molise, Campania and Basilicata, comprises 29 municipalities with a total population of just 60,000 inhabitants.

The area is marginal compared to the rest of the captains and the region is the lack of communication that compared to the activities of their education and training, just think that young people have to go to the sub-Apennines of Lucera and Foggia to subscribe to a sole greater than or participate in a training course.

The I. R.F.I.P. intends to alleviate this discomfort by adjusting the training and trying to mitigate ilfenomeno depopulation. In fact, the training activities are targeted primarily at disadvantaged people (young and adult unemployed, women) and relate to those professionals compatible with the development of the territory.

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