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Irfip Istituto Religioso di Formazione ed Istruzione Professionale

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The organization of the Agency, it is very functional and sees the presence of various professionals all of considerable thickness which give the Entity that functionality and the specialization required to provide the training courses really qualifying for students.

Among the teachers, tutors, coordinators, experts and various specialized figures, the organic Entity consists of 70 people, including professionals, industry experts and university professors, in addition to a series of collaborations with local authorities, associations of Category, private companies, and research centers of excellence, universities, private organizations and foundations.

The organization chart of the I. R.F.I.P. Provides for a non-profit organization skills.

At the top there is the Director of the Authority and it is a unique venue, he also covers the functions of the Director of venue. His figure is important for the organization of the activities of the organization. We have identified a person skilled, dynamic and with excellent interpersonal skills.

The Director works directly with the Head of Administration and the Scientific Coordinator. These three figures that determine the functionality, efficiency and the achievement of social goals.

As a small agency, it will be specialization, expertise and professionalism of those involved to characterize the IRFI. P.

The organization prevedele following professionals:

- Director of Organization: Daniel Borrelli, graduate, held since 1998 as a professional Accountant. He has gained considerable experience both as a Project Manager for some interventions of public finance (the most important is that of the PIT N 10 on behalf of the Monti Dauni Southern) and in the design, supervision and reporting of interventions under Law 488/92 and other instruments incentivanti.Si practice focuses on planning, organization and business management. In the management of complex projects, where there are several partners (Public Bodies, Associations, Third Sector, Private Companies), deals with the cordinamente of the planning stages. His experience in this field has been important in the elaboration of the Project PIT N 10.

- Head of Economic Management Administrative Office: Stefano Russo, graduated in Economics and Commerce in Modena, has considerable experience in the management of public financial resources. During his career he was able to manage on behalf of clients, total public resources for over 60milioni euro. In fact, it is easy finance and care, in addition to the design, construction investment, the management of both public and private contributions and the final report of the same. In addition to occuprasi of administrative and economic management of the Agency, interacts with the Director and Scientific Coordinator about the planning of activities dell'IRFIP

- Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Francesco counted. His experience in the field of planning and land development are widely recognized and confirmed by the many positive results. Plays a key role that will greatly influence the results of the organization. Will coordinate training projects, the identification of experts and companies which carry out internships, the verification of the skills of teachers and coordinators of the course. Under his leadership, there will be all the professionals involved. Interacts with the Director and Head of Economic Management and Administrative about the planning of activities dell'IRFIP

- Secretary: Simone Louise. Its activity consists in the reception of applications for accession to the courses, the estate of administrative records, answer phone calls. It is a typical activity of a secretariat as well as providing an information service for users. For this role you have located a professional with previous experience in the same activity. The activity is conducted in direct contact with the Head of Administration.

- The Equipe Area and Cons of the Mandatory Training: for the formation of these teams, we turned to those who truly daily work in different areas of expertise. The teams will work directly with the Director and will be critical to the achievement of the social end of the Body, especially in those areas so delicate.

- Quality System: Performs this role the Engineer Papa Vincenzo whose profession is concerned with the quality certification of companies. Work closely with the Director, but also with the Administrative Office and the Secretariat, in order to properly handle the procedures and documentation required by the quality system we are going to implement.

- Promotion: The Role of the promoter will be entrusted to Mr. Corbo Francis. Also in this case we have opted for a young person, expert but especially dynamic. He gained his experience in the banking and insurance sectors, perfecting it later on in a consulting firm to organizations and to companies. It will be easy for him to be able to manage relationships with the organizations and companies to promote training activities, search for the right collaborations with partners who bring their know-how.

- Design: This professional figure, in line and under the direction of the Scientific Coordinator, will define the training also in relation to local needs, will process the cost estimates in accordance with the regulations. This role will be filled by Dr. Marco Sbarra who has considerable experience having been busy in recent years, almost exclusively in the design of training programs.

- Orientation: Dr. Antonio Bonvino will play this role. Expert professional educator having been employed by some training providers, as well as having held other positions for more companies in the industry. Its task will be to analyze the guidance needs of students and participate in the design of guidance modules, provide information and guidance counseling, manage processes related to the balance of skills, manage relazionicon local stakeholders, businesses and local service for employment where he currently works. Its activities will be carried out in close collaboration and under the directions of the Scientific Coordinator.

- Analysis and Evaluation: This role has been entrusted to Dr Alvino Sabino. He has gained considerable experience in his previous assignments, where he worked often recognize both general training needs not only of individuals, but also local authorities, companies and entire areas, the necessary surveys to plan development policies consistent with the territory. He is a member of the technical committee that drafted the PIT N 10. In addition to analyzing training needs, will develop intervention strategies consistent with the needs identified. In addition, his job will also be to measure and assess the conformity of the actions and plans for projects in principle, identify the problems, document it, and identify possible solutions, process evaluation report to determine the results achieved. Its activities will be coordinated by the Scientific Coordinator.

Still under the guidance and coordination of Prof. counted there are other professionals who complete the organization dell'IRFIP which are:

- Coordinators;
- Teachers;
- The Tutor;
- Experts from the business, cultural and university.

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